Beyonce Makeup

Here are Beyonce Makeup beauty secret
It does not require large sums of money to transform itself from bleary-eyed to combative, reveals singer Beyonce makeup artist.

The Grammy-winning (16 times) singer Beyonce, who was voted to be the world’s most beautiful woman in the spring, swear namely a beauty product that only costs 171 dollars.
She (Beyonce, ed.) Always demand a lot of lashes. And I use only mink lashes on her. It looks fantastic. I use lashes from Velour called ‘Are Those Real’, and them I have subsequently made ??her crazy, so she buys tons of them, says Beyonce makeup artist, Wei Lang to New York Magazine.

Beyonce Makeup

Women have adorned themselves with fake eyelashes since silent film era. Director, DH Grifftihs, silent film ‘Intolerance’ from 1916 started a veritable rocker trend. A trend that particular cosmetics king Max Factor, struck coins in and made mainstream. Today, fake eyelashes in a myriad of flavors and in all price ranges. Madonna swear by mink eyelashes with diamantes and Jennifer Lopez have been spotted wearing lashes made ??of fox fur.

Beyonce adhesive mink lashes to find them here:

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