Color selection is determining the beauty and comfort of a home. Home decor yellow walls is very precise. The yellow color can give the impression of warmth, peace and tranquility homeowners.

The sun is yellow. The yellow color of sunlight can provide positive energy and good spirit. Yellow color depicting wealth and luxury, very suitable for use in the living room and your work space.

The use of the yellow color in the living room interior design can be combined with other colors. You can combine yellow with white, beige, gray or black.

The home decor yellow walls is a warm color and is often used in the living room, kitchen, nursery and also to create a calm, peaceful and warm.

In order not conspicuous yellow and make the eyes become tired, you should select the gradation of pastel yellow and beige colors that match with the house still seem soft or light that could eventually create a calm atmosphere. Pastel yellow that you can use as the main color smeared on all parts of the wall. Or for a different look, you can mix with exposure to natural stone on the bottom wall. So besides looks interesting, the house will look more natural.

Here are some home decor yellow walls.

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