Make Christmas hat would be much better in quality than those sold in stores. Besides making own Christmas hat will add to your Christmas excitement. You can made with child or your family. Would be nice, right? Christmas hat not only can use as wear or fashion but it also can use as home decoration in your Christmas. You can put it on your Christmas tree, in the door, window, or in your fireplace.

On this occasion I would like to share about how to make a Christmas hat.

Follow this.

1. Prepare tools and materials needed. Like fabrics, needles, scissors, thread, ribbon, glitter, decorated with feathers, cardboard for pattern, pencil, and fabric chalk, rader, pin and candle glue. The color you choose for the cap should not red and white. You can choose other colors such as green, blue or according to your liking.

2. How to make Christmas Hat:

– Create a pattern of cones or half cones in paper cartons. Scissors the pattern.

– Put the pattern on the fabric using a pin pinned. Pattern painting on fabric with fabric chalk. To make it easier, you can use a half-cone pattern. This right allows you to cut the fabric and also to get a symmetrical shape.

– After cut a fabric according to the pattern. Do not cut the fabric too close to the line pattern. Leave a gap for stitches.

– Sew the fabric. You can sew it manually or using sewing machine.

– Fold the edge of the fabric, and the suture so neat. When you sew the tip cap. You can insert a circle fur trimmings at the edges when sewing.

– When finished sewing. Turn the fabric.

– Prepare decorated with feathers / feather lace. Lace feathers using wax glue/candle glue on the edge of the fabric.

– Hats are ready to wear. For more beautiful results, you can add a name, ornament or greeting Christmas use glitter in your hat.


How? Easy right? What are you waiting for? Encourage the child, husband / wife, brother and friends to make a Christmas hat, Wear it or cheer your decoration with Christmas hat. Be creative.

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