You have long hair? Do you like Kim Kardashian hairstyles and want to follow her? Here I will share what do you need about her hairstyles.
Formal Long Straight
Kim Kardashian looks sexy and fit with this hairstyle. Curl hair waving. Showing off the right shoulder and left side covered with long blond hair waving. You have a face oval, oblong, square, and diamond character? You can try this hairstyle.
Formal Long Straight
For those of you who have the type of round, oval, heart, and triangular face, be creative with Kim Kardashian hairstyles. Side parted hair and a flick of hair showing smooth jaw line, coupled with long sexy bangs were styled to the side to make it look more beautiful.
Formal Long Straight
My hair shiny and smooth, curl – waving of hair roots to ends is perfect framing the face with round type. Suitable for working women and also party hairstyle.
Casual Long Straight
Hair parted in the middle and let it wave. Show off the softness and beauty of wave when walking. It is a hairstyle that suits to you that have a round face.
Formal Long Wavy
After experimenting with formal long straight, it’s time to try a formal long wavy. Just as formal long straight, it’s just made ??wavy hair. I am sure with this hairstyle will radiate luster of your hair while walking.
Formal Updo Long Curly
This hairstyle is suitable for those who like binding hair. Pull your long hair, tie it into a bun and stick to your head.
What Kim Kardashian hairstyle do want to try ?

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