Christmas atmosphere not only looks festive in churches, homes and roads. I ‘m sure those of you who are still attending school or college also wanted to enliven the Christmas on where you study. Christmas decoration for classroom can applied and designed with your classmates, integrating some ideas and put it into an awesome decoration.

What if we share the Christmas decoration for classroom?

My idea as follows:

1. Starting from the classroom door. At the classroom door, you can hang the wreath you made with your friends. You can make decorative paper or dry leaves. If you do not have time to make your own, can use the wreath that available in stores. Another idea is make decorative paper sticker Christmas tree shaped. So the Christmas tree on the door. Another idea of mine is “Door Santa”. Your classroom door body shape Santa magic. Designed it to resemble the face of Santa with a white beard, complete with accessories. Interesting right?

2. Decorative whiteboard/blackboard. You can convert class blackboard into the fireplace by adding a fireplace by form a paper design backed up some decorations such as candles, Christmas hats, socks, flowers, and reindeer ornaments made ??from paper. In addition you can use the board as a board expectations. Hope the board can be made by sharing your decorative paper shapes in various sizes according to taste, all members of the class write his hopes on the decorative paper and taped on the board. Hope the board is intended that after Christmas, which is written on the board hopes can be realized as a pray.

3. You can add a Christmas tree. Christmas tree decoration with accessories in your class that you created yourself. Balls from paper or plastic, shapes star, fairy statues, Christmas hats, socks and so on.

4. Window in your classroom as well not to escape from your creations.

5. Tables and chairs in the classroom. Seats can be decorated by placing a cloth wrap chair resembles Christmas hat, or wrap it with a red cloth with a white ribbon. Table can create with various forms according to the desires of the class.

It was my idea, how about your idea? Do not mind sharing about Christmas decoration for classroom right?

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