Avril Lavigne Punk Hairstyle in 2012 – Avril Lavigne required her mall-punk turn to a higher level, revealing one half-shaved mind in Paris on June 9. X17Online clicked a photograph from the 27-year-old singer directing Skrillex within the town of lights while marketing her clothing line Abby Beginning.

Outfitted inside a black leather jacket and candy striped T-shirt, the brand new haircut and permanent scowl mounted on her face, just emanated angst. Together with her new punk haircut, Avril Lavigne also first showed a brand new makeup routine, foregoing her signature raccoon-like eye liner for any subtle, smoky eye.

Avril Lavigne Punk Hairstyle 2012

Avril Lavigne Punk Hairstyle 2012

Avril Lavigne joins the kind of other celebs for example Beyonce, Ke$’, and Madonna’s teenage daughter Lourdes, who’ve all lately attempted the half-shaved look. We are unsure the way we experience the design and style at this time, but admit it is a much better look compared to black bangs Lavigne was sporting in April. The following is a photo of Avril Lavigne punk hairstyle in 2012 :

Avril Lavigne Hairstyle 2012

Avril Lavigne Punk Hairstyle in 2012

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