Avril lavigne hello kitty video raises some debate her. Avril Lavigne’s latest video clip entitled ‘Hello Kitty’ invite quite a lot of negative reaction from the media, the general public until the fans themselves. Most of the video Avril Lavigne lamented concept that is considered ‘deviant’ from her identity as a lady rocker. Later, the video clip is loaded with bright colors and girlie shades that are considered racist.

The emergence of the issue of racism in avril lavigne hello kitty video may raise questions for many people. Because the concept of western singer who raised the Japanese culture in her music and videos is not new. In the video clip, Avril is seen standing in the middle, accompanied by dancers with typical Asian face on the left and right. Gwen Stefani, through her song entitled ‘Harajuku Girls’ ever show the same thing. The pop star appeared white in the middle, surrounded by Asian women wearing colorful costumes. Fashion style that is in the video clip Lavigne and Gwen are both inspired by the appearance of a popular young man in the district of Harajuku, Tokyo.

So, what makes avril lavigne hello kitty video called racist? Complaining of their latest songs Avril, assume the appearance of 30-year-old singer is a bad picture of the cultural stereotypes dressed up in there. Avril looks so weird, but the young people of Harajuku style should be described by a unique image. The pop star has finally responded to the various reactions that come to her. She does not agree that the video clip called racist because she herself is a lover of fashion and Japanese culture. Video ‘Hello Kitty’ had disappeared from YouTube after a number of negative responses. But the Epic Records label that distributes the album Avril said, that’s not what led to her video pulled. Therefore, the first uploader of the video is not an official channel on YouTube Avril and should be lowered. The video has now been resurfaced.

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