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The Well Known Chevy Chase

All of the American people will surely know who Chevy Chase is. He is one of the most famous comedians in the United States of America back then, even though he is still famous up to this time. His early career began many years ago and after that, ...

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Lorena Rojas Fighting the Breast Cancer

Lorena Rojas can be considered as one of the most successful soap opera in Mexico. Her career starts from many years ago and she had some titles for the soap operas that hit the public back then. Unfortunately, there is one thing that only few ...

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The Review of Fast and Furious 7

For those of you who follow the series of fast and furious movies from the beginning, you must wait for the continuation of the story in fast and furious 7. This film still tells the story of Brian O'Conner and Dominic Toretto in implementing the ...

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The Sexy Model Charlotte McKinney

Charlotte McKinney is famous after she becomes the commercial model at the annual event Super Bowl in 2015. This woman is in the public eye because she is beautiful and very sexy. Men definitely wait the presence of this sexy model at the Super ...

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