Apple iphone 5  with carbon fibre covered with pure gold

Swiss-based Golden Dreams, recognized to swank up luxury phones, presented today at Basel World three glamorous choices for opulent purchasers to select from – a restricted edition apple iphone in CarbonGold, a hands engraved dragon apple iphone masterpiece along with a Mansory 50 pieces special edition 24ct gold iPhone5 (64GB).

CarbonGold an amalgamated material coded in house by Golden Dreams, is real graphite covered with 99.9% pure gold. And also to have this covered to the apple iphone wasn’t child’s play. It needed Golden Dreams to build up a sophisticated method to deposit the gold to the graphite textile and also the result was the glitzy special edition apple iphone in CarbonGold. Golden Dreams have previously outfitted apple iphones in CarbonGold with 18ct gold before.

Apple iphone 5  with carbon fibre covered with pure gold

Associated the special edition CarbonGold apple iphone is yet another masterpiece from Golden Dreams – a hands engraved dragon apple iphone. Yes, the telephone reflects a hands engraved dragon that rests atop red-colored alligator cloak that forms the trunk from the phone. In ways, the telephone pays an ode towards the very fascinating Chinese culture. Boasting of 35hours of craftsmanship, the telephone is really a complete stick out projecting a really stunning effect.

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