Angelina Jolie is the American actress who is also a film director, a screenwriter and an author. She is a promoter of humanitarian causes too. As we see her we are sure to talk about her beauty as the very first topic! As the most common saying goes, no one can be perfectly beautiful’, Angelina Jolie too wasn’t the perfect beauty icon from the very beginning. When we see her early teen age pictures, we find her to be a common teen aged girl with simple good looks. She put her first step the glamour world at the age of 16 and then made a bold mark in the film industry with her work. Her earnings increased with the success and it was time when she began to feel the necessity to change her looks to something perfect. The “earning” factor was important as the plastic surgeries for changing looks really cost high. Angelina Jolie had not only undergone plastic surgeries to make her looks perfect, but she did a lot of experimentations with her look and was not hesitant to try something unique.

As we discuss the looks of Angelina Jolie before and after her plastic surgeries, we have to start right from the look she had before stepping into the show business. Angelina Jolie inherited the beauty from her mother Marcheline Bertrand, who was also an actress. It is known that Angelina Jolie had undergone plastic surgeries for nose job, reduction of lips, face lifting, and neck tightening. Rumour goes that she have even done Botox.

Angelina Jolie plastic surgery for the nose: It is known to all that Angelina has done nose job. You can look for the pictures of Angelina before her nose job and you will find that her nose was narrow and smaller as compared to what you see today. It was possible to use makeup as the means to change the look of the nose, but Angelina being a perfectionist preferred a permanent solution for the thing. She had the support of finance to execute her wish as well. She took the help of the best plastic surgeon to get her nose fixed and resulted in having a great and elegant look.

Angelina Jolie plastic surgery for lip reduction: Angelina is famous for the sexy look of her lip. Originally her lip was fuller (especially the lower one), and she probably wanted to reduce it to have a sexier look and that helped in creating a new aspect in her personality. The Angelina Jolie plastic surgery pictures taken after the process clearly show that her lips are thinner than before.

Angelina Jolie had Botox?

There is a rumour that Angelina Jolie has done Botox. There is hardly any truth behind this rumour as it is evident from the recent pictures of Angelina that she has wrinkles in her face and this could not happen if she really had Botox.

Angelina Jolie was born with beauty and she chose to undergo certain cosmetic surgeries to enhance her resource. She tried different looks and finally settled for the one that suited best with her personality.

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