Spend final seconds of the year with family, husband / wife, lover and friend is fun. You can spend by partying, watching movies, or maybe just to mingle. The enjoyment of the moment would not be complete without a dinner. Already have an idea of ?? New Year eve decorations tables?
Here is my idea:
1. If you don’t have a budget, do not need to buy new dining furniture. Simply utilize the tableware, if it is outdated or you want to make it attractive, decorative ribbons will make it more attractive.
2. Close your dining table with a table cloth. You can choose two colors blend tablecloth. I have an example: The first tablecloth are white and rather large size. On it, give smaller blue, purple, pink, red tablecloth or in accordance with your wishes. You can arrange the two types of tablecloth with the opposite order so as not to look stiff.
3. To enhance the look, you can decorate on a spoon, fork and wine glass with ribbon. You can choose silver or gold placemats to give the impression of sweetness.
4. Form of napkins or appropriate in accordance with your creations. Place on a plate or in front of the plate.
5. Fresh flowers for New Year eve decorations tables. There are several choices of floral creations. Put it in a glass vase, or you choose some flower petals and put in tray/bowl of water and put candle in the middle.
6. You are getting tired of putting candle wax in the usual places? How to utilize used goods for candle holder? Glass, cans of liquid milk into a medium that can be used pretty candle holder. Orange peel is also not less interesting to make the candle holder.
7. As a characteristic of the turn of the year, you can put the alarm clock on New Year eve decorations tables.

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