Have a shiny make up so that we looks beautiful is the dream of every woman. If we see, Kim Kardashian makeup is trend center today. I think she is wonderful. Because of that, I am interested experience her make up, how about you?

Kim Kardashian has a typical make-up. What is Kim Kardashian beauty makeup? She often beautify her brown eyes with smokey eyes.
Do you know how to make up with smokey eyes? Fairly easy. As the tips, use dark colored eye shadow and give it under the brow with light colors like silver, white or gray. Yo have brown eyes? You can try and experiment with neutral colors, gold, gray and silver for shiny eyes. Want to try it soon?

Do you know Kim eyelashes? I thought it was fake eyelashes, because it is so flicks. But some of the reviews in the media, Kim said that is her original eyelashes. Are you believe?

Contour your cheeks. How come? Flushed cheeks can happen by using a darker color blush on. You can use a brush first and then mixed with a sponge. Try this step by step guys.

Kim Kardashian makeup for her sexy lips trust to a superior product that stimulates collagen. If you want to look beautiful, use a lipstick that can stimulate collagen, shed dead skin cells and always use a lip balm so your lips are always moist.

You can see Kim Kardashian makeup here. Good luck for you girls.

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