Want to be Jennifer Lawrence boyfriend? Why not? You can be that if you get his criteria. It is simple, just for you that can accept her that truly and whom Jennifer Lawrence is. Because she was saying if that no men in this world can do that (accepted she really are), she may be better being a single in his entire life. Do not know when she will get the one is much and love truly love her forever, cause lately, his boyfriend just turned out affair with Kristen Stewart. Poor Jennifer, but who know she will get the much better than Nicholas Hoult.

Nicholas Hoult that Jennifer Lawrence boyfriend is actually cannot too say cheating; since the incident, he has been in touch with Kristen is when he and Jennifer were broke up each other. But do not rule out the possibility before they broke it turns Nicholas had an affair. But Jennifer has thanks to God, a famous artist who is also the star’s hunger games worth dropping by Hoult grateful if indeed he cheated. It was a bad man and not be accepted, when it is true like an issue.

After four months, Jennifer Lawrence relationship with Chris Martin will be undertaken secretly proclaims it turns out has ended. It is no wonder will quickly come to an end, because their relationship was at the start so soon and quickly. Chris Martin is the lead singer famous band Coldplay had just ended her marriage in March, while Lawrence had just broken up with Hoult in June. So in the shortest time was very strange if they love them immortal. Hmm, Jennifer reportedly, asking break up after Chris (Jennifer Lawrence boyfriend) has dinner together at a romantic restaurant with his ex-wife. Poor Jennifer, both of them (Chris and Nicholas) broke up with her for another woman. Though Lawrence was very pretty and nice, confused what is less than that perfect woman. Crazy men that don’t want her, if I am a man, I am sure that I will chase her until die, LOL.

There is also good news, in the movie “X-Men: Apocalypse” masterpiece by Bryan Singer which will be released in America in May 2016. This film focuses on the love story between Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) and Jennifer Lawrence boyfriend (now ex, Nicholas Hold) as the Beast there. And hopefully their hot play sex scenes in this movie will be able to uncover the warm memories of their relationship before breaking up and they will get back together again. X-Men seemed to be hope; we know Jen and Nicholas had first met in “X-Men: First Class”. They adrift love the location of the film in the year 2011 and then. Then engage romance and eventually split in 2013.

Being Jennifer Lawrence boyfriend is also not easy because these women are very active in the world of film so that there is a possibility you will be separated because rarely get to see him as the reason was said by Hoult. However the consequences to be Jennifer Lawrence boyfriend, it remains a priceless gift.

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