There are some top Justin Bieber songs which have been popular to the ones who know about this famous young singer. The songs have given him his popularity and wealth. In addition, his songs also give him many loyal fans all around the world, which makes him more than just an artist, but also an idol. The fans he is loyal and always wait for his new albums with the songs he have. But, for the songs he has released, he is known for some popular songs that are categorized to be the top 7 of his songs. The songs are popular because of its lyrics, video clip and also its music with Bieber’s vocal. So, here it is the 7 top Justin Bieber songs you can find easily to be listened.

The first top Justin Bieber song is Baby. It is the song which gives him his nowadays popularity. Released in 2010, this song has been popular all around the world. In this song, Justin was featured with Ludacris, an American rapper. There are just so many fans who get this song. Until now, this song has been covered by many people in order to show their love to this talented, young singer.  The second song which gives his popularity is One Less Lonely Girl, which gave him popularity due to its video clip. There is a romantic yet sweet idea for this song, where Bieber gives many signs for a girl around the town. This song’s video clip, then is one of the most successful video clips Bieber has.

The third song which brings Bieber to his peaking popularity is One Time. This song is popular due to its video clip’s concept of the house party. Although it is just like a common video clip and many other singers have made the concept like this for their video clip, this version of the house party video offers freshness towards the song and young Bieber as a singer. The fourth top Justin Bieber song is the soundtrack of a movie, Karate Kid. It is a song he sang with the actor of the Karate Kid himself, son of Will Smith, Jaden Smith. This song is actually popular not only because the lyrics and the popularity of Justin Bieber himself, but also because the popularity of the movie.

For the fifth position, it is given for Pray, the song which reflects Bieber’s social side. The song has a video clip picturing people who are at war or get sick for serious illness. For his fans, this is one of the most touching songs he ever sings. The sixth position of top Justin Bieber songs is Somebody to Love, where Bieber is featured with Usher as his mentor. This song, then becomes one of the most popular songs released by this famous singer. This song also gives him more than just popularity. The last song which makes him peak his singing career is Love Me. The song then gives him popularity due to its lyrics and his vocal. So, this song can be categorized to be one of top Justin Bieber songs.

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