Taylor Swift is an American pop-country singer and songwriter. Everyone who lives on this planet, even cannot deny if she is just a normal girl with super talent. She is the ideal role model for the younger generation, because she actively supports art educations, and charities for disable and sick children. She has never done anything wrong or illegal. She is such a cute American sweetheart that would make your jaw drop. Everything on here is awesome, her face, her voice, and her incredible talent of course. She writes her own songs and she knows how to play guitar.

Taylor Swift wandered around the universe now. Songs become her power to reach the shrine. Throughout her musical career so far, she has won many awards because of her work of art which are masterpieces. For the example, she has been won the most prestigious award in the world, Grammy Award for six times.Her songs are written in a long narrative, they usually tell about her own life experience. The Pennsylvania-born singer has released four albums since she began her carrier at the age of 12. They are Taylor Swift in 2006, Fearless in 2008, Speak Now at 2010, and Red in 2012. Her album reaches a fantastic sale up to 22 copies albums all over the world and more 55 million digital sales. Now, by the end of 2014, she made her brand new album named 1989. Her latest single is a song entitled Blank Space.

Most of her songs have been widely saluted and acquired much positive response from the society. Some of them are better than the rest. By way of songs that she has made, she taught us many things about life, love, and dream. First, from Taylor Swift song called “Teardrops on My Guitar” she would like to give explanation that you cannot always get your dream guys. The songs tell about a girl who love her friend, but her friend whom she loves is in love with another girl.

The second song of hers has taught us about true love is possible. The song Love story from her second album “Fearless” is a song about finding true love and trying hard to keep it, just like the story of Romeo and Juliet. The third lesson that can be learned from her song called We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together is might be about relationships that sometimes do not work out. The song is about Taylor Swift and her boyfriend who breaking up and then getting back together again and again. Then finally she gets tired, and claims she never wants to get back together with the boy again.

The fourth has taught us that you might regret some breaks up as described in her song titled Back to December. Here in the song tells the story of a girl who broke up with the boy and then she regrets it to be happening. The fifth, song called Speak Now taught us for don’t be silent. If you love someone, then you just say it to him. The main lesson got from this song is that you would regret what you don’t say. The seventh lesson from her song entitled “All Too Well” teaches us about some things you cannot forget, because it was so beautiful to be forgotten, but it also hurt to keep remembering things about you and the guy along with fun stuff you both did together. Those are 7 things that you can learn about love from numerous songs of Taylor Swift.

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