6 Best Bob Hairstyles in Hollywood

Victoria Beckham

Even though the bob haircut’s popularity is certainly subject to trend (fashion plate Victoria Beckham may have had something to do with their recent resurgence), the jaw-length chop never really goes out of style. See which bobs really worked for the celebrity set! Victoria Beckham Bob Hairstyles is very cute 😀

Pop artist Rihanna has stated that she came the idea due to her “Umbrella” bob from the cut sported by Charlize Theron’s personality in the sci-fi action film Aeon Flux.

Christina Ricci

Celebrity Christina Ricci sliced off numerous inches of hair to play Trixie in the 2008 live-action film Speed Racer. The executive cut really suited Ricci’s heart-shaped face quite well

Elisha Cuthbert

Former 24 star Elisha Cuthbert has experimented quite a bit with her hair length, vacillating between super-long locks (likely extensions) as well as lovable pixie cuts that highlight her strong bone structure. Previously, she’s usually worn her bob haircuts with bangs.

Selma Blair

The consistently chic Selma Blair has sported a variety of bob cuts over the past several years. She tends to keep her cuts just below the ear, always with blunt, blunt bangs.

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie is all about the long boho locks these days, but once upon a time she sported a saucy shoulder-length bob. The former reality television star often wore her bob full and curly.

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