Valentine celebrations in February made this month full of love. Love is always likened to the shape of the heart. From here I was inspired to share ideas about valentine heart decorations. What are and how? Read this article and get inspiration.

1 . Heart light circuit

Decoration without lighting will not be perfect. Enhance the celebration valentine heart light decorations circuit is formed into a heart shape and put it in the window, wall or door of the house is a good choice. You could be the creation of various types of lamps to make lanterns.

2 . Heart shape Door decoration

If Christmas identic with wreaths and pine for door decoration. Valentine seems to be more festive and romantic to make paper wreaths and arranged into a heart shape. Hung on the door to welcome guests who come to your home.

3 .Heart shape Home decoration

Go inside the house, we will make a hanger valentine heart decorations. Hangers we make from paper / flannel or paper tape. How? There are many choices and creations. Scissors paper into a heart shape. Prepare forms ranging from large shape, rather large to small. Attach the middle of the heart-shaped paper. Until finally all the papers piled into one. When pressed, do not forget to put a thread in the middle to hang on the ceiling or window.

For made of flannel you can cut into a heart shape. Brings together two pieces of a heart shape with a stitch. Fill it with cotton. Attach the ornament hanger with ribbon or glitter. Be interesting valentine heart decorations.

I am sure you have more interesting valentine heart decorations ideas than me. Share here!

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